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In a general perspective all restaurant operation are systematized in the following essential groups: operations, associate management, marketing and financial reporting. These areas needs to be systematized in order to have a smooth running operation and to keep improving what comes next, it will allow you to control your business and start from an initial point with capability to measure its progress, it will make a huge difference on the efficiency of your operation making it great in many aspects. All the way through Cooking pot F&B consultancy we will try to help you understand these area in a better way to achieve the level of efficiency that your operation aim to become.

Operations: Restaurant operations involve all actions you take to take care about your customers. It consists of your procurement system, kitchen management systems, and service systems, beverage management systems, outside catering system, delivery and restaurant maintenance. An operation is at the core of your business flow it has a direct effect on your customer experience.

Associate management: The structure and coordination you implement for associate management have a substantial outcome on your restaurant's values, and eventually the customer experience. These involve areas hiring and recruitment, integration, training, motivation empowerment systems. It also includes management style to support your managers (restaurant manager/chef de cuisine) grow into efficient leaders and better managers, as well as labor forecast and productivity, house communication.

Marketing: Marketing organization is the set of actions you take to inform the market about your restaurant, motivate them to visit your place and make them become loyal to you. It start by conceiving your product to your target market, advertising and includes planning and tracking growth, customer retention, customer relations, menu conception, digital marketing and marketing tactics.

Financial reporting: control of financial operation comes with measurement of performance of your restaurant's operations, marketing and team management. They comprise accounting, administrative tasks list and P&L review. It is a blend of daily, weekly and monthly tasks and measurement of the effectiveness of tasks by tracking productivity, inventory level, sales and expenses, identify possible cost-control problems and manage your operation correctly.

Cooking pot F&B consultancy can help you implement efficient system, please complete this contact form or call and will be happy to discuss your needs.

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