From short training sessions that covers the basics of service and hospitality to multi-day training, Cooking pot F&B can customize training program that meets your needs.

  1. Task list organization

  2. Welcoming/Greeting

  3. Beverage service Techniques

  4. Food Knowledge skills

  5. Service sequencesGreet table/Menu presentation/Order taking/Food Delivery/Table Check/Table Clearing/Dessert Presentation/Payment/Farewell​


Kitchen is a very important for the success of your restaurant, we train your staff to how to, procedures & policies to make sure you kitchen provide the best food quality and safety.

  • Kitchen preparation system

  • Food cooking process

  • Portioning & tools

  • Recipe Mapping

  • Inventory & cost control system

Personal Hygiene


Food Safety Support

Food safety is a important foundation of the restaurant industry. We offer several levels of training to insure your staff and management team has the knowledge to deliver food safely to your guests.

We offer classes at your offices for groups of five to twelve modules includes area. 

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Kitchen cleaning practices

  • Food temperatures & conservation

  • HACCP process


We work with your team to create a service training program that reflects your culture and excellence approach to guest service. The training will include policies and procedures that the staff must be aware of regards to, quality service, communication,  and guest relations.

  • Customer satisfaction approach

  • System of quality evaluation

  • Management of special request

  • Management of complain

Outdoor Seating