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Menu Engineering

We carefully place menu selections to deliver not only a “WOW” factor in visual appeal but also unique flavors that match each clients needs for their specific concept. These flavorful considerations are balanced with targeted food cost, profit contribution and ease for consistent execution. Menu development should deliver significant impact on sales, profits and guest frequency and needs to as well.

The menu is the most important internal marketing and sales tool you will have in your restaurant  to promote your F&B product to your customers. Your menu act as an advertisement tool and your customer will go through to select their items. the way the menu is designed will directly influence your customer choice and it will impact your revenue stream in other hand when the menu well designed it will make managing your forecasting purchase volume and inventory level more accurate.

  • Menu development & design

  • Menu cost allocation

  • Menu Item costing worksheet

  • Projected sales cost

  • Recipe mapping

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