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Operation Assessment

We examine each moving part of you restaurants and present you with a comprehensive report that includes suggested modifications that will increase productivity and ultimately profits. The evaluation involves on site auditing to give you a good look at how your restaurant is doing, 
Evaluating performance against targets, checking internal and external best practices and reviewing cross-market concepts. Our objective is to work deeply to strengthen your base so you can build up growth and align the best strategy.

  • Establish Goals: we meet with you at your operation to understand the needs, goals and challenges of your business.

  • Deep diving: we review your standard operating materials, sales mix, menu engineering, recipes, profit and loss sheets, sales information and guest reviews (online and in-house) to understand the operating standards as they are defined.

  • Restaurant Visit: we conduct a site visit to observe front- and back-of-house procedures and how they relate to the defined standards. We assess the guest experience, taking a look “under the hood” to determine essential challenges and barriers to success.

  • Strategy: upon the conclusion of the visit, we provide debrief of initial findings and conduct a discussion of ways to improve operations and overall performance of the restaurant through proven strategies. If desired, we can conduct a full planning session with stakeholders as an optional service.

  • Reporting: we draft a report identifying both challenges and actionable steps for improvement and efficiency. Together, we review your report and determine how to implement the recommended improvements.

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