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Tactics to attract new customers to your restaurant

Updated: Sep 12

Are you short of ideas to keep your restaurant alive throughout the year? Whatever the size of your restaurant, it is important to multiply marketing initiatives throughout the year so you can keep your audience entertained.

Here's some tactics that will help you attract new customers to your business as well as to get them to come back regularly to consume at your place.

1) Present your restaurant to local businesses around you

Even if you deliver to a large geographic area or attract consumers who do not live in your immediate neighborhood, take the time to meet the companies that are close to your restaurant. Office customers are an ideal target at lunchtime or at the end of the day. If you can, meet with the business leaders and chat with the employees and invite them to discover your restaurant. You can even offer a special package reserved for local businesses.

2) Create special offers limited for specific time

To convince potential customers to come and discover your restaurant, the ideal is to offer them a reduction or exclusive special offer, such as 20% on the first ticket for example. Similarly, if you offer the order online and deliver to home, consider offering free delivery costs or a reduction on the 1st order.

In any case, limit these offers in time in order to get people to act. For example, a promotional voucher reserved for the first customers can be valid for 30 days, on site or on your restaurant's website.

3) Print & distribute loyalty card

A loyalty card is not only used to reward the loyalty of your customers. It also pushes consumers to think of you when they are looking for a restaurant and to mechanically come back several times when their "reward" approaches. Our advice: if you opt for a “10 meals = X reduction or 1 free meal” type of stamp, stamp 2 boxes rather than one when you create a loyalty card for a customer. Several studies have shown that this tactic increases the impact of a loyalty program on consumers.

4) Offer “happy hours” at the end of the day

Is your restaurant struggling to fill up before dinner time or on certain days of the week? Adapt to the model of creating “happy hours” promotions, which generally take place at the end of the day for a minimum of 2 hours. You will appeal to customers attracted by prices on a selected drinks or plates to share.

You can opt for a “1 bought, 2nd offered” approach, or directly offer a few items at half price. The advantage of happy hours is that they attract and retain customers, but also make it easier to reorder.

5) Develop your customer data base

Attracting new customers is not enough: you also need to find a way to get them back. Beyond your indoor efforts, try to get their email for your newsletter, or get them to join your Facebook page or Instagram page, this will allow to communicate about your menus and events.

For example, if you change your lunch formula every day, do not forget to announce the menu in the morning, ideally accompanied by a few photos of dishes.

6) Organize cooking workshops

Does your Chef like to share his know-how and recipes?

You can of course publish them on your website, social media but also frequently organize cooking session.

7) Bring your business to life on the web

Your website, blog, social media and newsletter are valuable marketing tools to use throughout the year to grab the attention of potential customers:

  • Post regularly on your Facebook page

  • Respond to comments and reviews (blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

  • Use hashtags and update them regularly

  • Communicate well on your current offers, happy hours, events

  • Invest a small budget in Facebook advertising

  • Organize special evenings (bloggers, etc.)

  • Share beautiful photographs and videos

8) Attract young customers

"Generation Y" loves going to bars, cafes and restaurants ... and makes it known on social networks, help you develop your reputation to that target customer.

To target these younger customers, it is important to take care of the atmosphere and decoration of your restaurant in order to offer them an "experience" that goes beyond the meal. As an example you could run a promo of 30% reduction for younger under 30.

9) Keep your restaurant alive throughout the year

Bring your establishment to life according to the highlights of the year: Christmas and New Year's Eve of course, but also Eid celebration, school holidays, sporting events, themed days, family celebrations, Halloween etc...

If you haven't already done so, put up your marketing action calendar today and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, for monthly marketing ideas.Cooking pot F&B consultancy can help you, please complete this contact form or call and will be happy to discuss your needs.

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