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Updated: May 1, 2021

What is portion control?

Portion control is getting the right number of serving portion from a defined recipe and providing the right portion to your customers. Portion control requires the use of standardized recipes with precision.

What is the process?

• Planning menus sensibly

• Purchasing correct amount of food for given period

• Preparing è storing è serving food (teamwork synchro!)

Why is portion control important?

1. It provides the correct serving size to meet the nutritional needs and value balance.

2. Assist in control costs.

3. Assist in minimizing waste.

4. Assist in guiding the ordering and preparation of food.

5. A major factor in giving a consistent yield and portion size.

6. Customers know exactly how much food to expect regularly

7. Consistency: same portion size.

Fault to implement portion control can result

· Customer disappointment

· Leftovers

· Food wastage

· High food costs

Methods of Portion Control

· Cutting

· Weighing

· Measuring

· Counting

Cutting–a method of dividing food into uniform pieces before it is served such: lasagna, pizza, croissant, cornbread, fruit jelly, sheet cakes, or brownies

Measuring a method of portioning food using scoops or ladles

Weighing method using a food scale Examples: meats and cheeses

Counting method used for chicken, hamburger patties, meat balls, fish, fresh fruits, vegetable sticks, crackers, rolls, biscuits, cookies

Suggestions for controlling portions:

1. Follow the recipes accurately when measuring and weighing ingredients, combining ingredients, and cooking.

2. Be sure your team knows the planned portion size for each menu item.

3. Prepare a sample tray or standard pictures before serving to visualize the amount to serve.

4. Use the correct type and the correct size portion control tool for each food item.

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