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Points to Consider When Pricing Your Menu

I would like to share with you a perspective and the methodology to do your menu pricing in a correct way to do so you need consider the customer will come with expectation of to pay for certain of the menu items you have.

If the item is on your starters menu, you might have more pricing freedom than if the same item is served as a main course. Consider a shrimp cocktail with six shrimp for BHD 5. Would you purchase the same dish as a main course for the same amount?

Each menu item will be marked up individually and produce a range of food cost percentage from low to the high .Primly, it is the combined sales mix of all the menu items that produces the food cost that shows up on the monthly revenue statement.

  • What kind of menu item is it starter, main course, dessert, side dish?

  • What is the labor cost involved in the item preparation preparation?

  • Is it a skilled preparation simple keep, heating and plating?

  • What is the adequate portion size?

  • Is it a seasonal item with limited availability or a regular item?

  • What are competitions charging for similar menu items?

  • Is it a "commodity" or a "specialty" item on your menu?

  • What is the target food cost percentage for each category?

  • Is it a popular or standard menu item?

  • What is your restaurant category are you fast-food, fast-casual, casual, upscale, fine-dining?

  • The menu is going to cover which meal period breakfast, lunch, dinner?

  • Location of the restaurant: center city, suburban, office building, mall?

  • What are the accompaniments served with it?

  • Who is your target clientele: local residents, tourists, business people, shoppers?

  • What is the shelf life of the product and its cost, e.g. short life, fresh seafood?

  • The service delivery method in the restaurant: table- service, self-service,

  • Target check average you need to achieve?

  • How the items in the same category compare to each other as mix

  • Technics involved in the plate presentation for the menu item?

  • Is there live entertainment or music in the restaurant?

For more information on how to price your menu, Cooking pot F&B consultancy can help, please complete this contact form or call and we will be happy to guide you through the process

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