Taking action is the way

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

More often than not, fixing a restaurant takes intense focus, hard work, and a well-thought out strategy. We help fix restaurants of all types and sizes, in markets across the country . Make no mistake about it, the difference between a restaurant dream and a restaurant nightmare is being able to profit and make a living from your hard work. You can keep blaming the economy, or you can keep pointing your finger at your employees and the industry while hoping and praying that things will change, or you can call to help you craft your plan for profit improvement .

Cooking pot consulting will help you get the results you aspire in timely manner among the services and questions we can help you answers see few of them below:

How to Assess Your Restaurant Situation • How to Determine Your Restaurant’s Weaknesses and start working on them • How to Create a Turnaround and Profit Improvement Plan • How to Increase Sales and Profits

• How to Use Suppliers, Products, and Services to Help You Succeed • How to Create the Right Pricing So You Can Profit • How to Determine Labor and Food Cost correctly and monitor them • How to Create Better Operational Systems to Improve Sales & Profits • How to Fix Major Cash Flow Issues • How to Hire, Train, and Retain Better Team • How to Create and Implement Profitable Marketing Campaigns • How to Create a Culture Built Around Performance and Profits • How to Understand and Profit • How to manage Costs and reduce waste

For more information on how to improve your restaurant, Cooking pot F&B consultancy can help, please complete this contact form or call and we will be happy to guide you through the process